New testament challenge

As Christ followers - we're called to grow in our faith. That growth happens in a variety of ways but one of the ways that we grow is through studying God's Word. 

At Celebration Community Church, we're committed to growing in our faith and we have challenged our entire church in Hays and Colby to participate in the NTin18 Challenge where we are reading through the New Testament together.  We have all the resources you need to be a part.  You can find the reading plan on YouVersion by searching ' Read Through The New Testament' (the one that has the fall leaves & trees) or you can get a list of the entire reading plan in our lobby.

We also want to resource you each week with tools that will you help you grow as a part of your reading plan. Alicia Hunter has done a fantastic job of gathering these resources for you to use!  To download these weekly resources, click the link below.