CAMPUS LEADER / community & care director

    Kirby is the Campus Leader of Celebration's Church in Colby, KS.  He works closely with Pastor Brant to help care for the people, develop ministries, plan church events, among other church needs and functions.



    campus leader / worship & discipleship director

    Reuben leads CrossCurrent Youth Ministry at the Colby Campus and assists Kirby in the day to day tasks of leading the church. He is married to the beautiful  Melissa Schneider and they have two precious little girls. 



    Britton is the CrossCurrent Youth Ministry Director for our Colby campus. He is the proud father of a black lab named June. In his free time he enjoys hunting, fishing, reliving the glory days through adult sports, and beating Tre Giles at literally everything. He also loves St. Louis Cardinals baseball and the Oklahoma Sooners.


    Michelle is an office assistant at the Colby Campus.  Michelle and her family have been part of the Colby Church for the last 5 years and she has worked in the office for almost 3 years.   Michelle and Jeff have been blessed with 2 beautiful twin daughters, Jayln and Makenna, and son Beau.  Michelle enjoys crafting, KSU WILDCATS, watching her children's activities and spending time with her family.